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Remember when we made a video for 'The Greater Good' as part of our lockdown-based 'Divided' series and loads of you helped us out with it and we were phenomenally grateful?


Well we need your help again...


We're making a video for a song from our forthcoming second album (out soon - it's finished in fact), and we'd love you to join in. This time by doing, well, anything.

All you need to do is film ONE MINUTE of footage of yourself from a still camera/phone with you anywhere in the shot, however near or far. It could be you doing something mundane, freaking out, you doing absolutely nothing or being as still as possible. Anything goes.


And then at some point within that minute show any emotion in whatever way you want. Again, anything goes.


Any action, any emotion, however big or small. Anything and everything goes.

There is just one stipulation - please film it in landscape!


Once you've got the footage, email (or WeTransfer etc) your videos to


And that's it.

Anything you send us will be so very gratefully received, we've got a brilliant idea for a video and we'd absolutely love it if you could help us out. (Please note that we might not be able to use everything we get and that by sending us material you are doing so as a much-appreciated favour and are happy to help us make a video using your footage, which we will do so extremely tastefully).

Thanks so much.




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